EU FlagYou MUST be EU-citizen in order to be allowed to apply for a job in the EU.

Non-EU citizens need to apply for a working permit with the spanish authorities, which can last up to a year. Therefore we do not employ any Non-EU citizens.

A special exception rule exits for citizens from Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland, they may be employed  as well on the EU-Workingmarket.

Application for an "Internship" thoug is possible for NON-EU citizens if language skills are given, please consult.


Date of birth

Minimum age for all applications is 18 years! You can't work on a dive centre if you are younger. Also this is the minimum age to attend a PADI Divemaster internship.


Working in tourism you need to speak and understand more than one language. Please specify all languages you speak. 

Cirrculum Vitae

Please send a cirrculum vitae as PDF file with this form or write it into the textbox below.

Application photo

We will not accept any applications sent without photo! No joke images, no caps, no hats, no sunglasses, NO underwater images.

JPG or PNG format only.

Diver data
my equipment

As a PADI PRO we expect you to have your own complete equipment. If something is missing or broken, you may get scuba equipment through us at staff rates.

Additional equipment
Application data

I'd like to apply for:


Finally I'd like to state: